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Guidebook: Affording College in Michigan

External LinkGuidebook: Affording College in Michigan-This guidebook includes pre-planning and application information to help you understand how you can afford college in Michigan.

Information on Applying for College and Scholarships

Please make sure to check individual college/university websites for information on admissions, financial aid, and scholarships specific to that institution. Students are also encouraged to check scholarship information made available in the WWT Counseling office.

External Link College Board - This site brings together all the information and tools that students and parents need to plan for the transition from high school to college.
External Link Searchable College Database - A searchable database of colleges, scholarships and academic resources.
External Link - This site provides students with sound information about admission to college and provides admissions officers with an efficient means of reaching students.

Colleges & Universities General Information

External Link - College Navigator
External Link - College Search

Scholarship Information & Application

External Link - A database of more than 180,000 scholarships, grants, fellowships and loans.
External Link - Info about avoiding scholarship and financial aid scams.
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