Scheduling & Assignment

Scheduling and Assignment

Schedules are provided to each student at the beginning of the school year or upon enrolling. The schedule is based upon the student's needs and available class space. Any changes in a student's schedule will be handled by Counseling Office. It is important to note that some courses may be denied because of available space or the need to take prerequisites. Students are expected to follow their schedules.

Schedule Change Requests

Each year student scheduling places significant limitations on our counselors' ability to make schedule changes. The opening of the school year typically yields multiple schedule change requests. Because very few courses have available space, changes must be kept to a minimum.

All requests for a possible schedule change must be emailed by a parent to the student's counselor. All emails must include a reason for change and a phone number for parent verification. Written requests will be accepted along with signature and parent phone number, if you do not have email access. Requests will be considered in order that they are received and cannot guarantee that your requests can be honored. Be certain to indicate the reason for the request since it will be a major consideration. Please understand that high priority requests may still not be possible. Changes that will be given priority are:

  • Placement level within an academic discipline
  • Necessary graduation requirements
  • Previous failure
  • Completion of a course in summer school/night school

Students have met individually with their counselors to choose their classes based on graduation requirements, their college and career considerations, and their desired electives. Students were also asked to choose alternate course selections. The schedule the student receives in August (1st semester) and January (2nd semester) is one that he/she has chosen and may include alternate course selections. Therefore, schedule changes can only be considered for extenuating circumstances.

Requests that involve teacher preference, period or semester choice, a different lunch, or a different elective cannot be considered due to class size and enrollment issues.