Enrolling in the School

For additional information regarding enrollment please contact:

Barb Dempsey
Administrative Assistant

Students are expected to enroll in the school located in the attendance area in which they live. 

When enrolling, the parents or guardians will need to bring:

  • An original birth certificate or passport
  • Custody papers from a court (if appropriate)
  • Three Proofs of residency (i.e. one mortgage statement or lease agreement & two utility bills)
  • Proof of immunizations
  • Transcripts

In some cases a temporary enrollment may be permitted. If that is done, the parents will be told what records are needed to make the enrollment complete and the date by which such records must be provided. Parents/Guardians have thirty (30) days to establish residency. If residency is not established within 30 days, students will be excluded until residency is established. Adult students, eighteen (18) years of age or older, may enroll themselves, but if residing with their parents, are encouraged to include them in the process.