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Board Member Changes

At their October 23, 2023 meeting, the Board accepted the resignation of President Jere Green effective January 9, 2024.  After nearly 28 years on the Board of Education and lifelong dedication to the City of Warren, Mr. Green will be leaving due to an unexpected relocation. Mr. Green's letter to the Board can be read here:  Jere Green Letter

As such, the Board will now accept applications from interested residents (18 or older) of Warren Woods to fill the vacant position through Dec. 31, 2024.  In January 2025, an individual elected at the November 2024 election will complete the remainder of Mr. Green's term of office.

Interested persons must submit a letter expressing their interest in the position and a resume of qualifications for the position no later than 4:00PM on November 3, 2023 to the district:
Mr. Michael Schulte
Vice President, Board of Education
12900 Frazho Rd.
Warren, MI  48089

The Board may choose to interview some or all applicants.  Interviews will be conducted at a public meeting during the month of November.  The chosen appointee will take office January 9, 2024.

Warren Woods Board of Education

Jere Green - President
Mike Schulte - Vice President
Kay Walsh - Secretary
Paul Zannetti - Treasurer
Mike Fitzpatrick - Trustee
Michael Garcia - Trustee
Scott Hiller - Trustee

The role of the Warren Woods Public Schools Board of Education is to oversee and set school policy, hire and work in partnership with the Superintendent, and oversee the District budget.

The Board desires open dialogue with the community.  Board of Education meetings and workshops include an opportunity for public expression.  Guidelines for public comments PDF Documentcan be found here

If you choose to contact Board Members via email, please note the following guidelines:

  • Copies of emails are given to all Board Members and you will receive one response from the Superintendent on behalf of the Board. 
  • If your email concerns a daily or operational issue, it will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator for a response.
  • All emails are subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. 
  • Emails will be taken as Correspondence at the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Education and placed in the public record.  Emails need to be received by Noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.  Emails that arrive after that deadline will be taken to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

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