Adult Education Class Registration



Registration Steps

To register, a student must complete the following steps:

1.  Gather your identification and documents. You will need your birth certificate or equivalent (such as a passport, immigration visa, naturalization document), driver license or state ID card, and transcripts from all previous high schools.

2.  Complete the registration form, which will be linked here when registration reopens.

3.  Take an assessment. Once you click "Submit Registration" on the registration form, you will be directed to a Calendly link to sign up for testing.

4. Meet with a counselor or administrator.

5. Pay the $30 registration fee.

6. Begin classes after you have completed all parts of registration based upon information below.

A limited number of dates will be available for registration assistance once registration opens for 2023-24.

Registration Assistance

If you would like help completing the registration form, you may come to Warren Woods Adult Education in person during the following dates and times. Please bring all required documents with you.

Dates and Times:

Dates and times will be announced once registration opens for the 2023-24 year.


Warren Woods Adult Education - Use Door #1
12900 Frazho Road
Warren, MI 48089