Talent Access Network

The Macomb Intermediate School District is committed to providing students, educators, parents, and business partners the opportunity to explore and connect with the many career opportunities available in Macomb County. It is our goal to ensure students are college and career ready and are confident with their next steps when they graduate high school.

Macomb Engage is a collaborative effort committed to supporting a student’s career development journey by providing a communication network and work based learning opportunities that are mutually beneficial for students and employers.

The Vision

Create a community of collaboration between our educational institutions and our business community. These strong partnerships will allow us to create meaningful experiences for the next generation of community leaders.

Our Team

Shannon Williams is the Career & Technical Education (CTE) consultant at the Macomb Intermediate School District.  In that role, she has the great privilege to service 21 school districts as they expand and evolve their CTE offerings.  As an educational consultant Shannon works to ensure all districts in her sphere of influence are up to date on the latest trends, policies, and advancements in Career and Technical Education.  While offering support to the local school districts Shannon also fosters relationships with industry partners who are looking to connect with students in a meaningful way. 

Sarah Strohbeck has close to 20 years experience working as a professional educator. Starting off in the classroom and then working her way into a guidance counselor and now educational consultant specializing in career development. She has successfully managed caseloads of over 400+ high school students in a variety of capacities, designed curriculum & professional development, and create individualized action plans for anyone seeking a career opportunity of all age levels.

Her main objective is to create a robust workforce in the state of Michigan and ensure students enter the talent pipeline with all the tools necessary for success.

Shannon Williams
CTE Consultant, MISD
CEPD 40 Administrator

Sarah Strohbeck
Counselor & Career Readiness Consultant, MISD