Bond Progress

2017 Bond Projects

PDF DocumentList of approved projects from November 2017 Bond

Winter of 2020 Progress

  • Server and storage project is currently out for bid
  • New HVAC controls project is wrapping up
  • Completion of deployment of new instructional computers
  • Completion of new security card access system
  • Warren Woods is pleased to announce that all completed projects detailed in the 2017 Bond Application have been completed ON-TIME and UNDER budget
  • The district is currently analyzing the remaining $70 million worth of improvements that remain and were not able to be included in the 2017 Bond Application
  • Many additional Safety, Security, Technology, and Infrastructure Improvements remain to be addressed above what was approved in 2017

Summer of 2019 Project Completion

  • Briarwood cafeteria and classroom flooring
  • Roof restoration at WWMS and WWEC
  • Pinewood Elementary secure entrance, HVAC units, main circle carpet
  • WWMS secure entrance
  • WWMS Auditorium upgrades
  • Westwood Elementary secure entrance, classroom carpet, classroom doors and hardware
  • WWT Stadium restroom/concession building, press box and bleachers
  • WWT exterior brick restoration
  • WWT elevator restoration
  • Installation of new phone system for the entire district

Spring of 2019 Progress

  • Demolition for work at WWMS Auditorium to begin May 1
  • New lights installed at WWT Stadium
  • Demolition for new grandstands and concession building at WWT Stadium to begin May 21
  • New doors and windows being installed at WWEC
  • New HVAC Controls being installed in all buildings - this project will continue through the Fall

Winter of 2019 Progress

  • Contracts awarded for work at WWMS Auditorium. Demolition and construction to begin May 2019
  • Contracts awarded for work at the WWT Stadium. Demolition and construction to begin May 2019
  • Contracts awarded for new secure entrances at Pinewood and Westwood
  • Plans in progress for new secure entrance at WWMS

Fall of 2018 Project Completion

  • Digital Signs installed at Briarwood, Westwood and WWMS
  • Partial Roof Replacement at Warren Woods Education Center
  • New dugouts at WWT for Softball and Baseball
  • New Fence at WWMS on the Baseball/Softball Field
  • Security system and surveillance cameras
  • New playground equipment installed at Briarwood, Pinewood, Westwood and WWEC

January 2018 Progress

  • Meetings are occurring to select which projects will be bid out for the Summer of 2018
  • Technology designers and principals are meeting to map-out building security needs
  • Playground designers and principals are meeting to map-out playground changes
  • Pilot furniture has been ordered for demonstration at the elementary level