High School Completion [HSC]

General Program Information

Warren Woods Adult & Community Education provides individuals the opportunity to take classes toward earning a high school diploma.

Age Requirements

  • School Year [Sept - June] Enrollment:  Students must be 18 years of age or older as of September 1st of the current academic year.
  • Summer [July - August] Enrollment:    Students must be 20 years of age or older as of September 1st of the previous academic year.  Previously enrolled 18 and 19 year old students may participate in Summer classes as tuition students.

Residence Requirements  Students must be residents of Macomb County.  The only exception to this policy is for students who have been previously enrolled with no gap in enrollment.

Cost  There is no tuition for qualified students.  A $30 registration fee applies to each academic year of enrollment.  An academic year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Registration Information  Class size is strictly limited and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis based upon completed registrations.  To register, you will need:

  • birth certificate, passport, permanent residence card, or equivalent
  • photo ID such as driver license or state ID showing residency in Macomb County; photo ID accompanied by other proof of residency will also be accepted
  • immunization records, if age 18
  • official transcripts from most recent high school [transcripts from all high schools preferred]
  • $30 registration fee [good for entire academic year from July 1 to June 30]

All students will also be required to take the TABE assessment prior to the start of classes to complete registration and to place students in the appropriate program.

Registration information can be found on main Adult Education page. Click here for a PDF of registration steps for the 2021-22 School Year.

Schedule of Classes and Hours

  • Students work at their own pace with as-needed assistance from a teacher who is highly qualified in that subject.
  • Students may choose day or evening classes to best suit their work and family schedule.  Each subject during the school year meets one day per week.
  • In order to best serve our student population, school year classes are offered in the morning [8:30 AM to 12:30 PM] Monday through Friday and evening [5:45 PM to 9:45 PM] Monday through Thursday.
  • Due to Covid-19, classes are offer in-person or online.

Accreditation  Warren Woods Adult & Community Education holds accreditation from North Central Accreditation.

Child Care  Childcare services are offered to morning students for a fee through the Warren Woods Daycare program.