Athletic Participation Registration Instructions

Instructions on how to register:


Click on the online registration:

If you already have an account then login. If not click “Sign Up now”.

Login To Your Account

First, parents must set up a parent account by filling out the parent/guardian profile section. You must use a strong password in order to move forward

Next, set up a student account for each student-athlete by filling out the student profile section.

Next, click “forms” and select Athletic Participation Registration.

Read each section carefully.

Download and print the physical. This must be filled out by a Dr. and brought into the athletic office. All sections must be signed by the parent and student. It will not be accepted until complete.

Download, read and electronically sign the student participation contract, concussion form, transportation form, and WWT handbook.

Once all sections have been electronically signed, click “submit form”. If you are not allowed to click “submit form” this means you did not complete a section. A common mistake is not filling out the alternative phone number sections. ALL sections must be filled out and all boxes checked.

This will complete the online registration.

Students can not try out until the registration process is complete.

Note: If you do not have access to a computer you may use a computer at the library or turn in signed paper copies of all required documents to the athletic office.