Evidence Collection Process

QAR Team Evidence Collection Process

July-November, 2014

Thank you for agreeing to collect evidence to support the AdvancED Standards/Indicators in preparation for our External Review Team visit. As you know, all evidence that will be reviewed by the team needs to be available to them electronically. The evidence we provide must support our level of performance for each Indicator. The ERT will review our evidence and decide if our self-determined level of performance is accurate or if it should be lowered or raised. They will have the final determination of performance. The results of their Standards/Indicator rating will be used to determine our overall accreditation score.


I met with Kevin Hustek to establish a process for collecting the evidence and a process for posting the evidence for electronic access.

All evidence collected needs to be sent to the team leaders established for each Standard (see attached). Collect as much evidence electronically. Cabinet members are aware that you will be contacting them and know that you will be asking for electronic versions of the evidence you are requesting.

Collect each piece of evidence by indicator. Clearly label each piece of evidence. Evidence sent electronically needs to be in PDF format. If you do not know how to convert a document to a PDF format, contact your building principal.

Once you have completed the collection of evidence for an Indicator, follow these steps:

• Create a list of evidence separately for each Indicator. Include the name/label for each piece of evidence you collected by Indicator.

• On the list, make a notation for each piece of evidence whether it is available electronically or hard copy.

• Send this list to the team leader in an email.

• Create a folder on your computer for each indicator. Only place the evidence you collected electronically for that indicator in that folder. Once you have completed the evidence collection for that indicator, place the folder(s) in an email to your team leader. Be sure the name/label for each piece of evidence matches the name/label on the list you created.

• Place the hard copy evidence you collected in a file folder and bring them to your team leader. Be sure you label/name each piece of hard copy evidence with the same name/label on your evidence list. (Team leaders will scan and upload hard copy evidence).

• Team leaders will upload all evidence to the designated area on the district website. All team leaders and APA's have been given access to edit on the District Accreditation Indicator Evidence page of the website. All of the blank template pages have been created and setup on the Warren Woods PS website. You can go to the district website and click on "Our District" and then click on "AdvancED District Accreditation" Principals and APAs have been assigned rights. Any of these staff could begin editing immediately by going to the Web Admin tool http://www.warrenwoods.misd.net/admin and login with their computer username and password.

Once logged in they would do the following:

Click the + sign in front of "Our District"

Click the + sign in front of "AdvancED District Accreditation"

Click the + sign in front of "District Accreditation Indicator Evidence"

Click the edit button next to the desired "Indicator" page that needs to be updated/edited

Make the necessary changes, attach files, etc then click on Publish to make the page live

When uploading a file and linking it to one of these indicator pages, please make sure you are uploading to the "Category" named "AdvancED District Accreditation". This is the container that is setup to hold all of the files and all of the staff that has permissions to edit these pages also has permissions to this container.

Completion Date: All evidence must be sent/given to team leaders no later than Wednesday, October 29. If you have completed the evidence collection for an indicator prior to that date, send/give it to your team leader so they can begin the process of uploading/linking the evidence in the district's portal.