Indicator 3.2

Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning

Indicator 3.2
Curriculum, instruction and assessment throughout the system are monitored and adjusted systematically in response to data from multiple assessments of student learning and an examination of professional practice.

6th Grade October Essentials Weather and Climate

8th Grade Science September Essentials

8th Grade Science September Lesson Plan

Algebra Readiness Assessment

Chemistry Common Assessment WWT

CITW Webbs 2013 Template

District Common Core Writing Rubrics

Intro to Physics Common Assessment WWT

Leveled Literacy Intervention Procedures and Norms

Looking at Student Work Plan for PLC Data

Reading Recovery Evaluation Administration

Reading Workshop Lesson Plans 2nd Grade

Reading, Writing, & Math Lesson Plans 5th Grade

Staff Reading and Writing Workshop Survey  

School Improvement Agenda Elementary

Unit 2 Essentials Biology WWT

Writer's Workshop Lesson Plans 3rd Grade

Preschool Kindergarten Shared PLC Vertical Alignment

Preschool Data Review in PLC

LLI Intervention Plan_Student Data Selection_Progress Monitoring_Data

Curriculum Process

Danielson Evaluation Rubric 

1st grade Reading, Writing and Math Essentials

K Reading, Writing and Math Essentials

Algebra I Essentials

7th grade ELA Essentials

6th grade Math Essentials

Spanish I Essentials

7th grade Social Studies Common Assessment

8th grade Math Common Assessment

6th grade Math Common Assessment

WWMS Staff Survey  

Standards Based Report Card

Spanish I Common Assessment

4th grade Math Common Assessment

K Reading Common Assessment

7th Grade ELA Common Assessment

3rd grade Math Common Assessment

2nd grade Math Common Assessment